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To the Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate from members of the legal profession, professionals working in the Criminal Justice System and related academics

For reasons set out in the attached paper, we call upon you to restore parole rights to all prisoners in line with the opening Section (1) of Mississippi Statute 47-7-3:

Every prisoner who has been convicted of any offense against the State of Mississippi, and is confined in the execution of a judgment of such conviction in the Mississippi Department of Corrections for a definite term or terms of one (1) year or over, or for the term of his or her natural life, whose record of conduct shows that such prisoner has observed the rules of the department, and who has served not less than one-fourth (1/4) of the total of such term or terms for which such prisoner was sentenced, or, if sentenced to serve a term or terms of thirty (30) years or more, or, if sentenced for the term of the natural life of such prisoner, has served not less than ten (10) years of such life sentence, may be released on parole as hereinafter provided.

We believe that the remainder of this Statute, with its multiple exclusions, contingencies, exceptions and limitations, has the effect of undermining the principle so clearly set out in its opening section.

We call upon you to REPEAL the remainder of Statute 47-7-3, retaining only the words above.

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