Blog Posts

17 March 2021 Books for Prisoners – A partnership with Henry Roi PR

Carly Rheilan – Do you know an inmate who would like a gift of a book?

09 March 2021 Legislation update, House Bill 525 as it stands today

Carly Rheilan – Who would benefit if HB 525 were to pass?

11 February 2021 The Rise and Fall of Crime with your Kids

Christopher Roy – On Broken Windows Theory

19 September 2020 – Give Kids Something that Makes Them Somebody

Christopher Roy – What kind of gang for YOUR kid?

10 July 2020 – Mississippi Parole Legislation – vetoed by the Mississippi Governor, July 2020

Carly Rheilan – the end of hopes for the 2020 legislative season

17 June 2020 – Mississippi Parole Legislation update and call to action June 2020

Greg Malone and Carly Rheilan – so close and yet so far?

24 March 2020 – How squalid does it have to be before it becomes an emergency?

Carly Rheilan – Review of the Department of Health Report on Parchman Prison

16 March 2020 – Mississippi parole legislation update March 2020

Greg Malone and Carly Rheilan – where we have got to in the 2020 legislative season so far?

27 January 2020 – Open Letter to the Senators on Judiciary Committee B

Hilary Allen – Urging support for Senate Bill 2123

26 December 2019 – So when did we grow up?

Henry Roi – on the rationale for age specific sentencing

18 November 2019 – Who is exluded from parole in Mississippi?

Greg Malone – an analysis of Mississippi statute 47-7-3

05 November 2019 – We are Prosocial

Henry Roi – applying the concept ‘prosocial’ to our criminal justice system